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Session Pooling Dialog Box

Use the options in this dialog box to specify default options for managing threads. Options that you set here are global and will be used as default values when you create new session pools. The values you should select depend on your server capacity.

To display the Session Pooling dialog box, in the left pane of the MCS (Management & Control Services) window, select a server, and then choose Configure. In the right pane of the MCS window, choose System, and then choose Session Pooling.

Default Pool Monitor Threads: Monitor threads monitor the pool's connection level. That is, they keep track of the number of available connections and those that are in use. Monitor threads are created when you start the pool and exist until the pool is stopped. The maximum value you can select for this option is 25.

Default Pool Initialization Threads: Pool initialization threads exist only when you start or stop a pool. Each thread can initialize one connection at a time. Depending on the number of connections you create, the higher the number you set here, the more quickly your pool starts or stops. The maximum value you can select for this option is 25. Connections are created using the Connection Configuration dialog box.

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