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New Server - Information Dialog Box

When you add a new server, the New Server - Information dialog box is displayed. Use this page to specify the name, IP address, description, and RMI (Remote Method Invocation) port of the server where the Runtime Service is installed.

Note If the MCS Service Agent and MCS cannot communicate, or if you haven't configured your task in MCS (as part of the procedure for setting up task failover and load balancing), your task will get its configuration from the TaskConfigurations.xml file.

Name: Type the name of the server where you have installed the Runtime Service software.

Description: Type a description for the server.

IP Address: Type the IP address of the server where the Runtime Service is installed.

Port: The port address default is 6700. To change the RMI port address, you must change the RMI port on the Runtime Service server and then enter the new RMI port address here.

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