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Monitor - Sessions Page

The Sessions page is a list of all current sessions, along with basic information on their status. The Session Monitor, containing detailed information on each session, is available by either double-clicking the session, or selecting the session and choosing Details.

To display the Sessions page, in the left pane of the MCS window, select a server and choose Monitor. In the right pane of the MCS window, select the Sessions tab.

Select Session to Monitor: A listing of each session, along with information on its current status. The status updates according to the refresh rate you set on the System page.

Details: Display the Session Monitor for the selected session.

Delete: Deletes the selected session. While sessions that are inactive for a set time period are usually shutdown and removed from the pool, occasionally you may have to delete a particular session.

Warning Deleting a session will interrupt all session activity. Once a session is deleted, it cannot be recovered. You can verify the status of a session, prior to deleting it, by viewing the selected session in the Session Monitor.

You can set inactivity timeout values on the Connection Configuration page.

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