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Session Monitor - Advanced Page

The Session Monitor provides detailed information on a session. The Advanced page provides Client and Navigation details.

To display the Session Monitor, in the left pane of the MCS window, select Monitor for your server. On the right pane of the MCS window, select either the Pools or Sessions tab. Under Select Session to Monitor, select a session and choose Details.

Client Detail: User-defined details such as version information, resource, instance, and job names. These options are set at run-time.

Version ID: The version of the user's development environment or other information specified by the user, such as a date code.

Resource Name: The Resource Name determines which configuration will be used for the task execution. This value can be set for each task execution. If a Resource Name is not provided, the value defaults to the value found in the XML task file metadata.

Job Name: Use the Job Name to correlate an event in MCS with the task execution that produced it. If a Job Name is not provided, then a unique default JobName is generated: <TaskName>:<TimeStamp>:<ID>.

For more information on job names, including examples, see Correlating Events with Tasks Using Job Names.

Instance Name: A user-defined instance name, such as an identifier for the bean on a Web page, or other bean container. This name does not need to be unique. The default value is an empty string.

Navigation Detail: Information concerning the status and functionality of the NavMap.

Map: The NavMap associated with the pool on the NavMap configuration page.

State: The state the NavMap is currently in, either Idle or Navigating.

Time at State: The length of time the NavMap has been in its current state.

Error: Navigation Error Messages.

Current Screen: The screen the NavMap is currently displaying.

Destination Screen: The screen to which the NavMap is navigating.

Total Navigation Time: The time spent moving from the current screen to the destination screen.

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