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Monitor - Metering Page

Use the Metering page to keep track of active sessions and monitor your transactions. From one location, you can access all the information necessary to keep your servers running efficiently.

To display the Metering page, in the left pane of the MCS window, select a server and choose Monitor. In the right pane of the MCS window, select the Metering tab.

Total Transactions: The total number of transactions that have taken place since the server was started.

A transaction is a single screen transition. Whenever an AID key is sent, a transition occurs. Each screen transition is counted as a transaction. A task can include one or more transactions.

Transactions in the Last Minute: The number of transactions that have occurred in the last minute.

Maximum Transactions per Minute: The maximum number of transactions that has ever occurred in a minute; the largest number that has ever been recorded under Transactions in the Last Minute.

Average Transactions per Minute: The average number of transactions is the total number of tasks divided by the time the server has been running (in minutes).

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