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Configure - Pools Page: UTS and T27 Sessions

Using this page, you can select the configuration to use for your sessions.

Configurations: Click the name of the configuration to use.

You must select a configuration that obtains its ID using the ID management feature in MCS. Otherwise, only one session can be established with the host.

Note When you use ID management with Synapta Services Builder for UTS / T27, you must assign IDs to a named pool rather than to user names, IP addresses, or DNS names. The number of IDs that you assign to the address pool depends on the maximum number of concurrent sessions that you anticipate will be required. This varies with the number of concurrent users, the number of transaction requests generated by those users, and the complexity of the transaction requests (which determines how quickly each ID might be released). Minimally, the number of IDs in the pool must equal or exceed the number of initial free sessions specified for the session pool.

Synapta Services Builder for UTS / T27 does not support ID sets or host mapping. In addition, the lease and inactivity timeouts for the pool must be set to 0.

For UTS sessions, it is possible to configure the host to use a TID pool rather than using IDs. For more information, contact your host administrator.

If this list is blank, no configurations exist on the run-time server. You must create these configurations using Task Builder for Screens.

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