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Pools Page

A pool is a group of host sessions, sharing a common configuration, associated with a NavMap. The Pools page of the Management & Control Service for Screens provides step-by-step pool configuration.

To display the Pools page, in the left pane of the MCS (Management & Control Services) window, select a server, and then choose Configure. In the right pane of the MCS window, choose Pools.

Note To change most configuration options, you must stop the pool in order for the options to be available. To stop a pool, choose Monitor in the left pane of the MCS window, and then choose the Pools page. Select the pool you want to edit, and then choose Change State.

Select Pool to Configure: After new pools have been set up, they are available in the Select Pool to Configure list. From the list of available pools, select the pool to configure.

Select Item to Configure: After selecting a pool from the list, choose the group of options you want to modify. The options under Select Item to Configure are specific to the pool that is selected in this list.

General: Set options for managing sessions and threads.

NavMap: Set NavMap options and host login information.

Logon: Set configuration options for user names and passwords.

Connection Options: Set options for creating new connections.

Scheduler: Set options for automatically starting and stopping session pools.

Configure: Display the Configuration dialog box for the selected pool and item.

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