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Connection Configuration Dialog Box

Use the options in the Connection Configuration dialog box to manage new connections.

To display the Connection Configuration dialog box, in the Selection pane, select a server and choose Configure. On the Pools page, select a pool and choose Connection Configuration.

Note To change most configuration options, you must stop the pool in order for the options to be active. To stop a pool, choose Monitor in the left pane of the MCS window, and then choose the Pools page. Select the pool you want to edit, and then choose Change State.

Maximum concurrent new connections: The maximum number of connections to attempt to make at the same time. Some hosts consider a large number of simultaneous connection attempts to be a denial of service attack. If you observe a large number of creation failures in the pool monitor, try reducing this value.

New connection retry intervals (sec): A series of specified time intervals to wait before retrying a connection attempt. Attempts to connect will occur at the specified intervals until the last one is reached. Retries will then be attempted indefinitely using the last interval value.

New connection timeout (ms): The length of time to continue attempting to connect before timing out. This option is provided for backward compatibility — it is ignored if not used by the runtime engine.

Host inactivity timeout (mins): The length of time, in minutes, a connection will remain inactive before an inactivity timeout error occurs. When the timeout period is reached the host connection shuts down and the connection is removed from the pool. A new connection is not created unless the number of connections falls below the minimum number of free sessions set on the General Configuration dialog box. The default value is 0, which is no timeout period.

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