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Registering Application Servers

From the list of registered application servers you can view registration information, edit that information, and delete any registered application servers that are no longer needed. In fact, all basic management functions are done by simply choosing an application server from the list and selecting the appropriate action button.

In order to register an application server you must have the following information:

This information is available from your application server administrator and was determined when the application server was configured.

Add a new application server:

Click Add to add a new application server to the registered application server list. Choose Help from this dialog box for detailed information on each field. The information required to add an application server is available from your application server administrator.
Caution You cannot register both SunOne and WebLogic 8.1 application servers on the same machine.

Edit application server information: This information is determined when your application server is configured. You should update this information to reflect any changes that are made to the configuration information after you have initially registered your application server. The information must be in sync in order to successfully deploy the EJB.

When you change information here, the configuration information set by the application server administrator does not change. When any registered application server information changes, the new values are used the next time you package a connector or work with deployments. Choose Help from this dialog box for detailed information on each field.

Note When an instance or domain name changes, you must re-deploy any applications that were packaged using the original instance or domain name. The most efficient means of implementing a new instance or domain name is to re-register the application server using the new instance or domain name, and then to delete the obsolete registration.

Delete an application server: Select the application server you want to remove from the list of registered application servers, and choose Delete. You are prompted to verify your decision.

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