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Edit Task Configuration Page

From this page edit existing task and failover configurations for client tasks.

Task/Resource:  The name used by a task to get a configuration.

Agent cluster:  Selected agent cluster.


Registered runtime servers: A list of all registered runtime servers. Select a runtime server to add to the failover list for a particular client task.

Add: After selecting a runtime server, click Add to move the server to the failover list.

Remove: Select a runtime server from the Failover list, click Remove to return it to the Registered runtime server list.

Failover list: A list of runtime servers used for the failover configuration for the selected task. The order that the runtime servers are displayed in the list is the order in which servers are used in a failover situation.

Up: Use this button to move a server up the list, thus placing it earlier in the failover order.

Down: Use this button to move a server down the list, thus placing it later in the failover order.

Enable load balancing: Select Enable load balancing to turn on load balancing for this task. If you clear the checkbox, load balancing is disabled.

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