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Add or Edit Runtime Servers Page

When you add runtime servers to the list of registered runtime servers they become available for use in the failover lists. Failover lists are assembled for each task and agent cluster combination when you configure your failover environment.

After a runtime server has been added to the list of registered runtime servers, any change in the configuration can be modified by using the Edit Runtime Servers page. If you are editing existing information each of the following fields will contain the information added when the runtime server was registered.

Runtime server name:  User-defined. The name of the server where you have installed the Runtime Service software.

Protocol:  RMI is currently the only protocol available. The client machines (those machines in the agent cluster to which the task has been deployed) communicate with the runtime server via the Remote Method Invocation (RMI) protocol.

Host name or IP address:  Type the IP address or the machine name of the server where the Runtime Service is installed.

Port number:  The port address default is 6700. To change the RMI port address, you must change the RMI port on the Runtime Service server and then enter the new RMI port address here.

Pool name: (Screens only)   Optional.  Enter a pool name only if the name of the pool that has been configured for the deployed task in MCS for Screens does not match the name of the associated NavMap.

URL:  The URL, which describes the location of the runtime server, is created automatically as you enter values into the other text boxes. For example, [protocol]://[hostname]:[port]/?contextName=[pool]. If you make changes to the URL, the changes will be reflected in the corresponding text fields.

Save to list and add another server:  Click this button to save the runtime server information to the Registered Runtime Servers list, clear the text fields, and to remain on the page in order to register another runtime server. Click OK to return to the Registered Runtime Server list page or Cancel to discard the information entered since you last saved to the list.

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