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Deployment / Undeployment Status Page

The Deployment or Undeployment Status page displays the results of the deployment or undeployment for WebLogic and SunOne applications.


The progress bar indicates deployment or undeployment is progressing.

Your options
In progress Deployment or undeployment is taking place. Please wait until finished. The progress bar refreshes every five seconds. If you have not set the right values on previous pages, you can click Back at any time to make changes.
Process complete Session EJB has been deployed or undeployed successfully, click Next to continue.
Process failed See the Session EJB Errors topic in the product guide for troubleshooting information on common errors or click Back to review and verify the values set on previous pages.

If your deployment or undeployment was successful, choose OK to return to the Session EJB list page. The new EJB is listed as Deployed or Not Deployed. If the deployment or undeployment was unsuccessful, click Show Details to troubleshoot the issue. Details include the errors generated when attempting to deploy or undeploy the application. Click OK to return to the J2EE Session EJB list page. The EJB will be listed as undeployed.

All errors are logged to the MCS designated when you published your task files. See the Related Topic, Session EJB Errors for more information on common errors that may occur.

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