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Presentation Builder Installation

Planning your installation involves understanding which components to install on which servers or clients, and handling issues such as load balancing. Review the terms of your license agreement before installing any components. You might have to purchase additional licenses to install certain components on separate computers.

To provide server scalability, failover protection, and load balancing for the management components, you can install MCS on multiple servers across your network, creating a server cluster.

To ensure a smooth installation process, and to optimize the performance of your Presentation Builder components, you'll want to prepare by reviewing these topics in the Presentation Builder Guide (the following links open the Guide in a new window):

  • System Requirements. A complete list of hardware and software for all Presentation Builder components.

  • Installing Presentation Builder. Everything you need to know to install a complete Presentation Builder solution; includes design-time, management, and optional components.

Release Notes

For important notices, known limitations, and late-breaking information that supplements the documentation for components provided with this release of Presentation Builder, refer to the following release notes (which are also available after installation):