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Attachmate Synapta Presentation Builder Overview

Presentation Builder provides an integrated set of components with which you can design and display custom applications. Using Presentation Builder, you can: i) create custom user interfaces for applications; ii) create front-ends for business integration applications; iii) create Web pages to present these applications; and iv) assign these presentations to users on your network.


With Presentation Designer, you can connect to the host and record the navigation steps required to access the data and functionality that you want to expose through your custom application. Each host screen is converted to a customizable form automatically. Customized forms only expose the data fields that you choose, allowing for security and simplicity within your application.

Custom applications published from Presentation Designer become "presentations." With Presentation Integrator, you can open a presentation and customize it with a variety of enhancements that affect how the presentation appears and functions. For example, you can add headers and footers with your company's logo and contact information.

Management and Control Services

Management & Control Services (MCS) is a Web-based server console that you can use to centrally manage and configure compatible Attachmate components. MCS provides a central repository for files shared among several Attachmate design-time components, and management tools to monitor and report how compatible components are being used.

With Presentation Manager, you can assign users and groups to your presentations. (Presentation Manager can be accessed through the MCS console.)

With Application Manager, in addition to managing a list of applications published to MCS, you can also change properties for an application; for example, if you design an application to access Host A during the test phase of development, and then you want to change it to access Host B before deploying it to users, Application Manager provides an easy way to accomplish this change.

Presentation Builder Runtime Service

Presentation Builder Runtime Service works with a Web server and Management & Control Services (MCS) to present your application to end users. Presentation Runtime Service handles the communications between your custom application and the host.

More Information

  • What's New in Presentation Builder outlines new features added since the last release.

  • Refer to the Presentation Builder Guide (which is available on this CD, and accessible from your computer after installation), for comprehensive and detailed information about using Presentation Builder.

  • For important notices, known limitations, and late-breaking information that supplements the documentation provided with this release of Presentation Builder, refer to the following release notes (which are also available after installation):