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Server Address: Type the IP address or domain name of the server where Management & Control Services (MCS) is installed.

Note If you have multiple copies of MCS installed (known as a "server cluster"), you must specify the primary MCS server. Ask your MCS administrator if you're not sure.

If Presentation Integrator is installed on the same server as MCS, you can use localhost as the server address.

All presentations, images, Web documents, and external headers and footers published using Presentation Integrator will be published to this location, and any published items that are retrieved by Presentation Integrator will be retrieved from this location.

Server Port: Type the port number to use to access MCS (as specified during the installation of MCS).

Note Server access through a secure port (typically 8443) is not currently supported in Presentation Integrator.

User ID: Type the user name that Presentation Integrator should use when accessing MCS.

Note If the Authentication Type for MCS console access is Client Certificate Only, Presentation Integrator will not be able to communicate with MCS.

Password: Type the password for the specified user name (if any).

Owner Name: Type your name or the name of the person or organization responsible for customizing presentations. This owner name is applied to all presentations created using this installation of Presentation Integrator unless a different owner name is specified for a particular presentation on the Presentation Settings dialog box.

The owner name appears in the presentation properties in Presentation Manager, and ensures that the MCS administrator knows whom to contact if there is a problem with the presentation.

If you leave this box blank, no owner name is applied to any presentations unless one is specified for a particular presentation on the Presentation Settings dialog box.

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