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New Web Document Dialog Box

When you add a Web document using Presentation Integrator, it is automatically published to Management & Control Services (MCS) so that it can be downloaded to clients. The Web document also becomes available to other designers who might edit the presentation on a different PC. Once a Web document is published, it cannot be deleted using either Presentation Integrator or MCS.

URL: For intranet or Internet Web sites, type the URL of the Web document that you want to add to the Resources pane (such as

Note You must type the full URL. For example, if you type or, the Web site will not be displayed in the presentation; you must type

For EXTRA! sessions that have been saved to a server, type the URL of the session file (such as http://server_name/virtual_directory/file_name.edp). For sessions that have been saved to a local directory on the client, type the full path to the .EDP file (such as C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\file_name.edp).

For WebPublish host classes, type the URL of the host class (such as http://server_name/scripts/evwp.dll?hostclassname).

Name: Type a name for the Web document (such as Attachmate Web Site). This is the name that appears in the Resources pane and Design View.

Description: Type a description of the Web document. This description appears in the Resource Properties pane when you click the name of the Web document in either the Resources pane or the Design View.

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