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Theme Manager

Using the Theme Manager, you can view and manage all of the theme files. All new projects begin with a theme you select, which applies to every form as it is created.

Theme list: A two-column list that shows the names of any existing themes and their corresponding (optional) descriptions.

New button: Opens the Theme editor, with the default settings pre-selected. Add a name, a description if you want, then make any desired changes to the settings.

Note The New button is always accessible, even when all other choices are unavailable (dimmed).

Copy button: Duplicates the currently selected theme. The resulting copy will be named "Copy of Original_Theme_Name."

Modify button: Opens the Theme editor, from which you can modify any aspect of the selected theme.

  • The Modify button is unavailable unless you have selected a theme.

  • You cannot modify a theme provided with the product. Instead, make a copy of the "provided" theme that you want to modify, and from the Theme editor, save it under a different name, then make your modifications to the copy.

Delete: Deletes the selected theme.

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