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Host Table Properties

When you select a host table in the Table editor, the properties for that table display in the Properties pane in the Table editor.

Note You can view the properties for a table control using the Table Column editor, or from the Presentation Designer Properties pane.

Name: (Read-only) The name of the host table. Because only one host table can be defined on a host screen, the name of the table is always HostTable0.

Note This name cannot be changed, as it must be accessed by the rules (for further details, see Table Rules Syntax).

Start Point (Column, Row): The screen column and row containing the first character in the table.

End Point (Column, Row): The screen column and row containing the last character in the table.

Next Page Inputs: An AID key that scrolls to the next host screen. From the Value column, double-click to select available options.

Last Page Rule: An expression that uses specified host fields to identify the host screen that displays the last record of the table. When this host screen is identified, even if it is not the end of the table, no other host screens are downloaded without further instruction, and the input of records to the table stops. If the expression is set to True, if no record matches the expression, or if the expression itself is invalid, the Last Page Rule is ignored. (Default value: True.)

Time Out (Sec): The number of seconds the table waits for data from the host. When complex rules are used to filter data, a longer time out may be necessary. If the time-out interval is exceeded, data retrieval ends and an error message is displayed in the first row of the table (in interactive mode). (Default value: 30 seconds.)

Record Height (Rows): Height of the record in rows.

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