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Table Editor

Using the Table editor, you can define a region of data on the host screen as a host table and manage host-table and column properties. You can then autogenerate a table control from the defined host table.

  • If you autogenerate a table control from a host table, an input binding is automatically created between the host table and the table control. If you choose not to autogenerate the table control, or if you want to bind the host table to more than one table control, you can manually create a table control using the Control palette, and bind it to the host table using the Table Binding editor.

  • Although it is possible to place more than one table control on a form, you can specify only one area on the host screen as a host table. Only data within the host table can be bound to table controls using the Table Binding editor.

  • It is possible to populate a table control with data that is not included in a host table. For more information, see Working with Tables, Overview.

Properties Pane

Table/Column List: The host table and available columns from which you can choose.

Delete button: Deletes the selected host table or column. If the host table or column has been bound to a table control, this button is unavailable.

Properties: Depending on your selection, displays the selected host table or column properties in a two-column list. The left column displays the names of the properties, and the right column displays the corresponding values. You change a property by changing its value. However, some of the properties are read-only. For further information about the specific properties and their attributes, see Host Table Properties or Column Properties.

Note You can view the properties for a table control using the Table Column editor, or from the Presentation Designer Properties pane.

Screen View Pane

Displays the current active host screen from which you select rows and columns to use in the tables you design.

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