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Transition Editor

If the Skip Screens editor cannot navigate through the sequence you've built, it automatically displays the Transition editor, which allows you to specify the AID Key and cursor position required to complete the navigation.

If you needed to send data to the host to complete the navigation, you would quit the Transition editor, convert your skipped-screen sequence to an event (or build it completely in the Event editor), and then use the Event editor to send the data.

Screen View: A graphical representation of the currently selected screen used to identify, by cursor position, the specific host field to associate with the AID key. You can identify the cursor position by clicking within the host screen image or by entering separate Column and Row values.

Row: Identifies the Row position of the cursor on the host screen.

Column: Identifies the Column position of the cursor on the host screen.

AID Key: Identifies an AID key that is used to transition between screens. The value of the host field, user field, or control identified by the Row and Column cursor position values is transmitted to the host via the AID key.

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