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Screen Recognition Rule Editor - Recognition Rule Page

Screen recognition rules identify active host screens at runtime; completion rules determine when the host has completed updating the screen.

A screen recognition rule consists of a logical statement, whose job it is to identify a unique host screen during run time. The logical statement is composed of sub rules, whose functions identify field formats, such as the total number of fields, the location of each field on the screen, the attributes of each field, and data on the screen.

When you navigate to a new host screen at design time, a default screen recognition rule is automatically generated. There may be situations when a default rule needs to be changed (for example, if the default screen recognition rule is not unique, it could identify more than one screen). Use the Screen Recognition Rule editor to modify screen recognition rules by changing sub rules, logic operators (and/or), or by adding new sub rules.

Show User Fields: If selected, all user-defined fields on the host screen appear framed in light blue (cyan).

Show Host Fields: If selected, all host fields on the host screen appear framed in dark blue.

Create New User Field button: When selected, drag the pointer to select a new user-defined field.

Host Field/User Field list box: Displays the name of the selected field and allows users to select from complete field list.

Delete Selected User Field button: Removes the selected user-defined field from the host screen and list box.

Host Screen Display: Displays an interactive host screen with selectable fields that you can append to the associated screen recognition rule.

Recommended SubRule list: A three-column list from which you can add one or more sub rules to a selected screen recognition rule, specify the logical operator, and view examples of possible equations.

Append check box: Select to add the associated sub rule to the screen recognition rule expression; clear to remove the associated sub rule from the screen recognition rule expression.

Logic field: Select the logical operator you want to use to append the associated sub rule to the screen recognition rule expression. Choices are AND (logical conjunction), OR (logical inclusion).

Recommended SubRule: An example of the possible equations based on the selected field.

Edit Screen Recognition Rule: Lists contents of the complete recognition rule currently assigned to the displayed host screen.

Compare to Screen

Host Screen Selections list: The available host screens from which you can view for comparison to the current screen.

View: Displays the selected host screen and its associated screen recognition rules in the Reference Screen Recognition Rule viewer.

Note The screen displayed in this viewer is read-only — you cannot make changes to it.
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