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Screen Binding Editor - To Control Page

Use the Screen Binding Editor to create a binding that associates host processed data with a particular field on a host screen. The bound field can be either an existing host field or a field that you define. On the To Control page, you specify values to be sent to a control from a host field.

No Binding Used: If selected, no binding is used for the control selected on your screen form.

Send Host Field Value to Control: Sends the host data processed for the selected screen field to the current form control.

Show User Fields: If selected, all user-defined fields on the host screen will be framed in light blue (cyan).

Show Host Fields: If selected, all host fields on the host screen will be framed in dark blue.

Create New User Field button: When selected, drag the pointer to select a new user-defined field.

Host Field/User Field list box: Displays the name of the selected field and allows users to select from complete field list.

Delete Selected User Field button: Removes the selected user-defined field from the host screen and list box.

Host Screen: Displays the current active host screen from which you select a field to bind with a control in your custom form.

Send a Global Variable Value to Control: If selected, sends an available global variable to a control on the current form.

Available Global Variable(s): Displays a list of previously defined global variables.

Global Variable: Displays the name of the global variable selected from the list of available variables.

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