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Publish Application - Publish Page

On the Publish page, name your application as you want it to appear on the myAccess Links page. The myAccess Links page can be accessed using any browser at:

For secure access, type the following. The required port number is defined on the MCS Security Services page.

Note To display the Create Presentation dialog box, you must have previously selected the Prompt Me When I Publish option on the Publish - Application Creation page, under Create Presentation Automatically.

Application Name: Type the name of the application as you want it presented to the user. The default entry uses the name of the application under which it was created.

Caution Application names must consist of valid characters: A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and _ (underscore character).

Description: Type a brief description of the application to present to the users.

Owner Name: Type the name of the project owner, typically the one who knows the passwords and can authorize changes and add new users.

Theme: (Read-only) The name of the Theme selected for the current application.

Application Type: Select from the drop-down list box Java Renderer, to have the application rendered directly using Java, or HTML, to have the application transcoded to HTML format.

OK button: Saves your settings and closes the Publish Application dialog box.

Note A Generating/Publishing Application message box appears when you choose OK, and as the application is published, an animated progress bar shows the level of completion. Check boxes for Application Generated and Application Published are marked off when each process has completed. When both processes are done, this message box closes.

If the Application Type was set to Java Renderer, the Create Presentation - Java Renderer dialog box appears. For details, see the Create Presentation dialog box topic.


If the Application Type was set to HTML, a Transcoding to HTML message will appear, indicating whether the application was successfully published. Choose the Details button to display all errors, if any occurred.

If the application was published successfully, the message box will display the option Don't Show This Confirmation Again. Select this check box to prevent this message from reappearing when any application is successfully published.

To restore the display of these messages, from the Project Properties - Messages page, select the Show All Publish Application Messages check box.

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