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New Project Dialog Box

To create a custom Presentation Designer application, you begin by creating a project. When you create a project using an active host session, Presentation Designer automatically creates a form for each screen as you navigate through active host screens. The forms contain all the text and fields that you see on the host screens, which will eventually become part of your application. You can also create a project that consists of a series of user-defined forms. For either type of project, you can customize the forms by adding or removing text or fields, adding controls, and so on.

Application Information

An Active Host Session: Select to create a project that interacts with a live host session.

Designing Forms: Select to create a project that consists of user-defined forms.

Note As you progress through your project, you can combine user-defined forms with active host-screen forms in your project in the way that suits your particular needs.

Walkthroughs: Select to "walk through" online Help that provides an overview of how to create either an active host session project or one that consists of forms you create and design.

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