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Connection Information Dialog Box

From the Connection Information dialog box you can view the connection settings you have chosen for your new project. From this dialog box, you can select a new host type and modify the Host Alias/IP Address field.

Note The Connection Settings tabs shown are provided so that you can view the configuration for your host type.

Active Host Session For: Name of your project.

Configuration Information

Host Selection: Host type.

Host Alias/IP Address: The numeric IP address or the alias name of the remote host associated with the configuration.

Host Name: Type a descriptive name to represent the host. Allows a user-defined name to replace the Host alias/IP address on the Project Pane. If no Host Name is entered, the host will be listed as the Host alias/IP address in the Project Pane.

Host Code Page: Select the appropriate Host Code from the drop-down list. The default is English US(37).

Configure button: Select the Configure button to reinitiate the Host Type and Connection Settings dialog boxes.

Note You can select the Configure button and create a new configuration any time prior to selecting the Finish button.
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