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Create Presentation Dialog Box

After you have completed your application and it is ready to be distributed to users, it must be included in a "presentation," an HTML document used to render your Presentation Designer application through a Web browser.

When you publish an application, if you previously selected the option, Prompt Me When I Publish (from the Project Properties dialog box, Application Creation page), the Create Presentation dialog box is displayed.
Note You can access the Project Properties dialog box by choosing Project Properties from the Edit menu, or by choosing the Project Properties button from the toolbar.

Presentation Properties

Name: Type the name of the presentation. The default entry uses the name of the application.

Caution Presentation names must consist of valid characters: A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and _ (underscore character).

Owner: Type your name or initials.

Description: Type a brief description of the presentation.

Yes button: Creates the presentation with your published application.

Note If a presentation with the same name already exists on the MCS server you designate, a dialog box is displayed giving you the choice of entering a different name for your presentation, overwriting the existing presentation, or canceling creation of the presentation.

If you are unable to access MCS, check with your MCS administrator to make sure that Console Access Authentication is not set to Client Certificate Only. The Client Certificate Only setting is incompatible with Presentation Builder components.

No button: Publishes your application without creating a presentation.

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