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Using the Properties Pane

When you select either a form or a control on the Customize tab, its corresponding properties are displayed within the Properties pane. Properties are the named attributes of a control. They define control characteristics (such as size, color, and screen location) or behaviors (whether a control is enabled, for example). For many properties, you can change the settings by selecting the current value, then entering a new value. For others, when you double-click the corresponding value, a dialog box or drop-down menu displays from which you can select or edit the settings.

Note You can set the same formatting properties on multiple controls all at once. Select multiple controls, then in the Properties pane, on the Format tab, the common properties are displayed that can be set for those controls. If a property displays a value, all the selected controls have the same property value. If a property displays a blank value, the selected controls currently have different values for that property.

The Properties pane, which displays at the bottom left of the Presentation Designer window, contains a two-column list that shows the current settings and the properties that can be changed at design time for the item selected on the Customize page. For easy access, properties are organized into four tabs: Format, Data, Event, and All.

This tab
Format The properties that affect the visual presentation of the elements in your application form.
Data The properties corresponding to the data that is processed through the selected screen or form element.
Event The On Click property associated with the selected button or text box control, or the On Command Key or On Form properties associated with the selected form.
Note When you double-click the Value field of the On Click property, you can choose to open the Event Editor or the Skip Screens Editor. When you double-click the Value field of the On Command or On Form properties, the Event Editor is opened with the specific event step selected.
All All of the properties for the items presented under the other three tabs for the selected form or control.
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