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Using the Project Pane

The Project pane is positioned at the top left of the Presentation Designer window. It displays a list of the forms included in a project. When you create a new project, the project name becomes the default name for the application you are creating. As you work on your project, you add host screens (forms) and/or user-defined forms, which will eventually comprise the structure of your application.


Under the User Defined node, the names that appear are those you typed into the Form Name dialog box as you created them. The New Form icon is displayed to the left of the name. You can select the User Defined node and right-click to sort the forms in ascending or descending order.

Under the Host node, the form names for active host session screens are based on the screen names of the active session. The first form is displayed with the screen-based icon to the left of the form name, and the active host session icon (a lightning bolt) to the right. As you navigate through host screens, the lightning bolt indicates the current active screen.

You can select a host name and from the right-click menu, you can choose to connect, disconnect, or delete the host. You can view and modify the connection settings for any selected host. You can also sort the forms in ascending, descending, or recorded order.

If you are connecting to multiple hosts, you will see each new host listed under the Host node when a connection is established. You are then able to interact with the different hosts. You can incorporate data from multiple hosts into one form.

From the right-click menu on host screen forms, the Screen Recognition Rule editor, the Table editor, and the Define/Edit User Fields dialog box are accessible.

You can right-click any individual form to rename or delete it.

Note When you change the name of a form by right-clicking to rename it, it is not the same as using Save As: when you specify a different name for the form, it is renamed — the old version of the form does not remain on your disk under the old name.

New Form button: Choose to add a new form.

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