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Select Background Image Dialog Box

Depending on how you've accessed it, you use the Select Background Image dialog box to set the background image for your whole application, or for a specific form.

From the Theme Editor, you can set the default image for all custom forms generated from host screens in your project by editing the Background Image property; you can set the image for the background of a specific form from the Customize page of the designer by editing, from the Properties pane, the Background Image property.

Background Image: Displays the screen name, and then lists the user fields created for the form, and the host fields on the host screen.

No Background Image: Select to use only a background color, and no image file.

Use Background Image: Select to specify a background image (instead of a background color). When selected, enables the Image box and Browse button.

Image box: Indicates the selected background image.

Browse button: Choose to select the image file (.JPEG or .GIF) you want to use.

Image Position: Specify how you want the image positioned on the form.

Stretched: Select to expand or contract the image to fit the entire form. This option may distort the image.

Centered: Select to position the image in the center of the form. If the image is larger than the form, the edges of the image will not be displayed.

Tiled: Select to repeat the image in a tile pattern. If the image is larger than the form, this option displays the upper left corner of the image, but does not display the right and bottom edges.

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