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Completion Rule - Default Page

Completion rules enhance performance by determining when the host has completed downloading the screen. Because of differences in host screens, various methods are provided to ensure the most prompt recognition of a fully downloaded screen.

Default Rule

Specifies the settings used when, under Known Destination, you select Default Rule, or when, from the Screen Recognition Rule Editor - Completion Rule page, Default is selected as the completion rule for an individual host screen.

Host Quiet Time: Type the length of time to wait (up to 60,000 milliseconds) for host screen downloads. (Default value: 1500 milliseconds.)

Keyboard Must Be Unlocked: Select to delay running the Host Quiet Time until after the keyboard is unlocked by the operating system. This may prevent time outs while receiving data from the host, and improve program reliability.

Known Destination

Specifies the settings used when an Expected Screen has been set in your application.

Default Rule: Select to use the settings under Default Rule.

Recognition of Destination Screen: Select to use the screen recognition rule for the Expected Screen. The expected screen is displayed as soon as it is identified.

Max Quiet Time: If you selected Recognition of Destination Screen, type a maximum time for the host to wait for an expected screen to be identified. (Default value: 1500 milliseconds.)

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