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Event Editor

By adding events to your custom application, you can change how that application works. Use the Event editor to build an event by adding and configuring a list of actions that you want your application to execute when the event occurs.


Select a button to access the actions in that group. Add a selected action to Event Steps by dragging it to the Event Steps tree.

Basics: Structural actions from which you can build your event.

Services: Actions for accessing data sources external to your original host application, such as Web services. Also includes the Function action for manipulating data.

Session: Actions for interacting with hosts and host connections.

Note You can also add actions by right-clicking the action and choosing the Add Before, Add After, or Insert Branch command. Availability of the right-click command options depends upon the currently selected action in the Event Steps tree. If the event itself is selected, Insert Branch will be the only command available (Insert Branch adds the action to the beginning of the event).

Event Steps

Depending on the type of event you are creating, the Event editor opens with the basic structure for that event in place. Typically, the default error form is selected and the default Display Form action is listed. For example, if you are adding an event to a button, the Event Steps tree includes the Click event; if you are adding an event to the Startup/Stop properties of your project, the Event Steps tree includes an ApplicationStartup (or ApplicationStop) event.

Event Properties

Once you've added an action to the event, this portion of the Event editor changes to display properties for the currently selected action.

Associated Error Form: Select the error form to display should the event, or any action, encounter an error when the event is run.

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