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Connection Settings - 3270 General Page

From the General page, you can configure host access for the current session.

Host Alias/IP Address: Type either the alias name of the remote host or the numeric IP address associated with the configuration. The alias name or IP address can be up to 32 characters long.

Terminal/Device Type: From the list, select a terminal or device-type string negotiated with the TN3270 server.

Custom Device Type: Type a custom device type. This device type will replace the entry displayed in the Terminal/Device Type box as the selected device type for the configuration.

Port Number: The Telnet (TN3270) port number of the server. The port number must be between 1 and 65535.

Connection Timeout (secs): The number of seconds the session will wait when trying to establish a connection. The maximum value you can type is 300 seconds; 0 means no time out.

Number of Retries: The number of times the session will try to make a connection after an unsuccessful try.

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