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Loop Action Properties

A Loop action is the same as a Decision Branch action, except that once the action has completed it will reevaluate the condition, and re-execute the sub-actions of the Loop node as long as the branch condition remains true. If the condition evaluates to "false," the event skips the sub-actions of the Loop, and executes subsequent actions in the event. A loop can be thought of as a repeating Decision Branch.

Name (optional): Identifies the current decision branch in the Event Steps tree.

Add Rule button: Displays a dialog box from which you can specify the expression type. This statement must evaluate to true for the event to process the sub-actions of the Loop node. For example, in the statement, "When all are true," the "all" means all of the condition tests added to the expression. Options include:

Add Tests button: Displays a dialog box from which you can build condition tests. To evaluate a condition, you build a test that compares two operands. The operands can be fields on a host screen, constants you define, values of controls on a form — basically, any of the data elements currently available to your application.

Edit button: Depending on whether you have a rule (expression type) or test (condition test expression) selected, opens the Edit Rule/Test dialog box, from which you can edit it.

Expression: Displays a tree that presents your rules and tests as an expression.

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