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Connection Properties

Using Connection Properties, you can view and modify application properties.

Host Alias/IP Address: Type either the numeric IP address or the alias name of the remote host associated with the configuration. The address or alias name can be up to 32 characters long.

Terminal Type: (Read-only) Displays the terminal type string negotiated with the server. The default for 3270 is IBM-3279. For 5250, the default is IBM-3812.

Device Type: (Read-only) Displays the device type string negotiated with the server.

Port Number: Type the port number of the server. This value must be between 1 and 65535. The default is 23.

Country Code: Type the standard localization code for the selected language. The default is ENU (English).

Language Code
English ENU
French FRA
German DEU
Italian ITA
Portuguese PTG
Spanish ESP

Host Code Page: Enter the code page that corresponds to the country code you entered. The default is 37.

Resource Name: Type a particular Logical Unit (LU) on the host. If you do not enter a Resource Name, the server connects to any available LU at that port. Resource Name is only visible for 3270 connection types.

Device Name: Type the device name to be used on the host. If you do not enter a Device Name, the host will automatically assign a device name based on the client computer name. Device Name is only visible for 5250 connection types.

SSL Enabled: Type TRUE to enable SSL security between the host and the client. Type FALSE if you do not want to support SSL security. If you do not specify a setting, SSL Enabled defaults to FALSE.

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