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Application Manager

From the Application Manager, you can delete, rename, and copy published applications, and modify application properties.

Application list: Displays a list of all of the applications that have been published on your MCS server.

This field
Application The name of the application.
Host Type The type of host to which this application applies.
Owner The name of the person or organization who created the application (if an owner name was specified when the application was published).
Description The (optional) description of the application.

You can sort this list by clicking any of the column headings, and change the order of the sort by clicking the heading again. For example, to sort all of the applications by host type, you would click the Host Type column heading. Clicking the column heading again reverses the order of the sort.

Properties: Click this button to view and/or modify connection settings for this application.

Delete: Click this button to delete the selected application. A confirmation box appears to avoid accidental deletions.

Rename: Click this button to rename the selected application.

Copy: Click this button to copy the selected application.

Refresh: Click this button to connect to the MCS server and update the list of current applications.

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