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Monitor IDs Pane

You can view the current status of allocated IDs in the Monitor IDs pane. You can also manually reclaim IDs. If the list is empty, either there are no currently allocated IDs or none of the options under View Only have been selected.

For a description of options for automatically reclaiming allocated IDs, see the Management Settings - General page and the Pool Properties dialog box.

To display the Monitor IDs pane, in the left pane of the MCS window under Services, select ID Management. Under ID Management, choose Monitor IDs.

View only: Use the check boxes in this group to filter the list of displayed IDs.

Quarantined IDs: Display IDs that have been put into quarantine by MCS.

Applications that Use a Single ID: Display IDs that are in use by applications that can request only one ID at a time, such as a viewerr or a printer applet.

Applications that Use Multiple IDs: Display IDs that are in use by applications that can request multiple IDs simultaneously.


ID Name: Displays the ID name.

Quarantined: Displays the ID's quarantine status. When an ID's quarantine period expires, it can be automatically reclaimed.

Last Response: Displays the last time data was transmitted using the ID. Data transmission allows MCS to verify that an ID is still active.

Lease Expires: Displays the date and time at which the lease expires for leased IDs.

Reclaim In: For IDs that have timed out due to inactivity, displays the amount of time until the ID will be reclaimed by MCS.

Allocated On: Displays the date and time at which the ID was assigned to its current client.

Client IP: Displays the IP address of the computer with which the ID is being used.

Application: Displays the application with which the ID is being used.

Reclaim ID: Manually reclaim the selected ID.

Note Before you manually reclaim an ID, be sure that the ID is no longer in use; otherwise, there is a risk that duplicate IDs will be issued.

Refresh Interval: Select an interval for refreshing the information in the Monitor IDs page. A shorter refresh interval ensures more accurate information is displayed in this page but also uses more system resources.

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