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Mapping Host Addresses to a Single Host Name

You can limit the use of an ID to a selected host or hosts by assigning host names to IDs. Use the options in the Host Mappings dialog box to map multiple IP addresses or DNS names to a single host name. Then, in the ID Properties dialog box, assign the host name to specific IDs.

By assigning host names to IDs, you can create a single configuration or session that provides access to multiple environments and multiple hosts, and a single named pool with all the IDs used by all the hosts, but still control which IDs are used to access which hosts.

With UTS sessions, users can connect to multiple hosts from a single session by issuing a $$OPEN command to access a different environment. For other session types, you must create a separate session configuration for each host but you can use the host mapping feature to ensure that an ID is used only once with a particular host, even if the host has multiple IPs.

To associate multiple IP addresses or DNS names to a particular host name
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, choose ID Management.

  2. Under ID Management, choose Configure IDs.

  3. In the MCS management pane, select an existing ID from the table.

  4. Click your right mouse button to display the shortcut menu, and then choose ID Properties.

  5. In the ID Properties dialog box, choose the browse button [...] to the right of the Host option.


    From the toolbar, choose .

  6. In the Host Mappings dialog box, do one of the following:

    Add a new host name
    • Under New Host Name, type a new name, and then choose Add.

      Host names cannot contain spaces or commas.

    Add a new host association
    1. Select a host in the list of Host Names.

    2. Under New Association, type an IP address or fully qualified domain name, and then choose Add.

      Host associations cannot contain spaces or commas and they must be unique among all host associations.

    Delete a host name
    • Select a name under Host Names, and then choose Delete.

    Delete a host association
    1. Select a host in the list of Host Names.

    2. Select an associated IP address or DNS name under Host Association, and then choose Delete.

Note If you delete a host name, all of the IDs that use that name are updated automatically so that they can be used with any host. If an ID is in use when you make the change, it continues to use the host name until it is released.
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