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Configuring ID Sets

IDs assigned to a pool can be grouped into sets. By creating a set, you ensure that when a client receives one ID in a set, the second session the client opens will use another ID from the same set.

After an ID in a set has been allocated, IDs in the same set can be allocated only to the same client. If the client uses all the IDs in a set, the client can receive IDs from outside the set (either IDs in another set or IDs that aren't part of a set).

Note Because IDs for directory service pools are dynamically created when requested and exist only while allocated, you cannot create ID sets for directory service pools.
To create an ID set
  1. Create a pool of IDs.

  2. In the ID Management - Configure IDs pane, click on the toolbar.

  3. In the Create Sets dialog box, select a pool name from the drop-down list of available pools.

    The IDs in the pool are displayed under Available IDs.

  4. Type a name for the ID set, and choose Add.

    The set is added to the list of available sets.

  5. Under Available Sets, select the set you just added.

  6. Under Available IDs, select IDs and choose Add to add them to the selected set.


For example, you might want each client to use one terminal emulation ID and two host printing IDs, and each host printing ID should be used with a specific configuration. To accomplish this, you would begin by creating a named pool that contains all of the terminal emulation IDs and host printing IDs:


To ensure that each terminal emulation ID is always used with two specific host printing IDs, you would group them together in sets:

Pool with Sets

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