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Status: Displays the current status of the server. Possible values are Active (the server responded to the MCS query) or Inactive (the server did not respond to the MCS query, indicating that the server may be down).

Server Name: Displays the name of the server.

IP Address: Displays the host name or IP address of the server, depending what was specified during installation.

Port Number: Displays the port number through which MCS processes HTTP requests.

Webserver: Displays the Web server that is associated with MCS on this computer.

Operating System: Displays the operating system running on the server.

Cluster Group ID: Displays the unique ID of the cluster to which the selected server belongs.

Cluster Priority: Displays the current priority of the selected server within its cluster. By default, the next lower priority is assigned to each successive server that is installed to the cluster. The highest priority is 0, the next highest is 1, etc.

The cluster priority determines the order in which control is passed between servers in a cluster if any of the higher priority servers fail.

System Check Enabled: Select this check box to show the current status of the displayed servers. If this box is cleared, the status is displayed as unknown.

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