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Rights Management Page

Use the options in the Rights Management page to limit access to specific features within MCS and managed Attachmate components that have implemented rights management. You can assign rights to individual users and groups from your directory service or to virtual groups that you've created in MCS.

To display the Rights Management page, in the left pane of the MCS window under Services, choose Security. Under Security, choose Rights Management.

Right To: Displays a list of features to which rights can be assigned.

Properties: Display a more detailed description of the selected item under Right To, and information about dependencies between the selected item and other items in the list.

Rights to a particular feature can depend on also having rights to another feature, or may be required to access another feature. If you assign rights to a subordinate feature (one that depends on also having rights to a higher feature), rights to the higher feature are also automatically granted. If you remove rights to a subordinate feature, rights to the higher feature are not automatically removed.

Assigned Users/Groups: Displays a list of users and groups to which the selected right has been assigned.

Add: Display the Add Users/Groups dialog box, in which you can add the right to use a selected feature to users, groups, or virtual groups.

Remove: Remove the right to access the selected feature from the user or group selected under Assigned Users/Groups.

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