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Configure Licensing: Settings Page

Enable Licensing: Clear this option to disable licensing on the MCS server (licensing is enabled by default). When you disable licensing, MCS ignores all license requests and secondary servers no longer forward license requests to their primary server.

Heartbeat Period: Type the interval (in seconds) that the client waits before sending the next indication ("heartbeat") to the server that its license is still in use. The default heartbeat period is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Max Log File Size: Enter the maximum file size (in kilobytes) for the licensing log file. When the log file reaches the maximum size, the existing file is closed and a new file is created. The original log file name is license.log. Each time the log file reaches the maximum size, a new file is created with a number appended to the log file name (for example, license.log is saved as license2.log, and a new license.log is created).

You can view the log file from the Log page within the MCS Metering function.

Max Log Read Size: Enter the maximum amount of data (in kilobytes) that will be read from the log file and displayed on the Log page within the MCS Metering function. The log file size (Max Log File Size) can be larger than the value you enter here, but only the number of kilobytes you specify will be used to generate the log entries for Metering.

The log file is a text file, so you can view the it with a text editor should you need to review earlier data.

Recover Count: Enter the number of "heartbeats" a client can miss sending before MCS attempts to recover its license. For example, if the Heartbeat Period is 600 seconds and the Recover Count is 6, MCS will attempt to recover a client's license after 1 hour (600 seconds x 6 attempts).

Reset: Return all of the licensing settings to their default values, erasing any changes you have made.

Save: Click this button to save your changes.

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