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Cluster Management: Prioritize Server Page

To display the Cluster Management pages, under Services, click Server Management, and under Server Management, click Cluster Management.

Cluster Name: Displays the name of cluster. By default, this is named MCS Cluster.

Server Name: Displays the servers that belong to the displayed cluster. The current priority of each server is indicated by the order in which it appears in this list (highest priority at the top).

The top server in the list has a priority of 0 (zero), indicating that it is acting as the primary server in the cluster. If the primary server goes down, the next server in the list takes over the role of primary. Other servers in the list take over the role of primary as necessary, based on their priority in the list.

Up: Click a server under Server Name and then click this button to increase the server's priority within the cluster.

Down: Click a server in the Server name list and then click this button to decrease the server's priority within the cluster.

Prioritize: Click this button to save any priority changes you have made. If you move a new server to the top of the Server name list and click this button, that server becomes the new primary server for the selected cluster, and its priority becomes 0 (zero).

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