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Machine: MachineName Page

Machine Name: Displays the name of the selected Agent machine (computer).

Status: Displays the current status of the selected Agent machine.

IP Address: Displays the IP address of the load balancer (router) that is configured for the selected Agent machine.

Port Number: Displays the number of the port that the Agent machine uses to communicate with MCS.

Assigned MCS: Displays the name of the MCS server to which the Agent machine has been assigned. If the Agent machine has not yet been assigned to an MCS server, the value displayed in this field is None.

Product: Displays the name of the MCS-compatible product that is installed on the selected Agent machine. A separate Product field appears for each product.

Components: Displays the name of each individual component of the corresponding product, as well as the current status of that component. A separate entry appears for each component of a particular product.

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