Requirements and Installation
Creating Custom Applications
    Creating a New Project
    Setting Project Properties
    Connecting to a Host
    Customizing Applications Globally
    Customizing Individual Screens
    Customizing Interface Elements
    Adding Events
       Adding Events to Controls
       Editing the Start-up Event
       Editing the Stop Event
       Adding Events to Forms, Overview
       Adding Events to Forms
       Editing Command Key Events
       Adding Actions to Events
       Displaying Event Results
       Assigning Global Variables in Events
       Sending AID Keys from Events
       Adding Decision Branches to Events
       Adding Loops to Events
       Adding Functions to Events
       Adding Services Builder Tasks to Events
       Adding Web Services to Events
       Getting Data Returned from a Service Action
       Configuring a Host Session at Runtime
    Working with Tables
    Improving Application Performance
    Restructuring Application Flow
    Extending Applications Programmatically
Publishing Applications
Creating Custom Presentations
Publishing Custom Presentations
Setting Up Centralized Management
Configuring the Run-time Environment
Managing Presentation Builder
Managing MCS Servers and Clusters
Monitoring Application Activity
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