Synapta Presentation Builder Overview

Presentation Builder provides an integrated set of components with which you can design and display custom applications. Using Presentation Builder, you can create custom user interfaces for applications, front-ends for business integration applications, and Web pages to present these applications, then you can assign these presentations to users on your network. Working closely with Attachmate Management & Control Services (MCS), Presentation Builder offers a secure system for deploying your applications.

By extracting and integrating only the host screen information you require, Presentation Builder makes it possible for you to separate presentation logic from host data and business processes without changing code on the host. This separation empowers you to integrate host data with other data sources, restructure business logic, simplify workflow within existing applications, and more. In addition to improving your application's interface, Presentation Builder provides a way to generate different presentations of the same application quickly, enhancing the user experience for different target audiences.

Presentation Builder includes several component applications that work together to create, manage, and deploy custom host access applications.

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