Runtime Services Property Descriptions: StdAutoAdmin

StdAutoAdmin is the application installer used by the default Presentation Builder Runtime Service configuration. In most cases, the installed default configuration will suffice. However, to remain flexible to alternative uses, some properties are configurable.

StdAutoAdmin Properties

Property Description
publishedjaropener Optional. The default configuration uses MCSJarHttp, which takes a set of properties. See the following table, MCSJarHttp Properties, for property descriptions.
approotdir Optional. The root directory for the requesting application. (Default: %R/applications/%A.)

If the first two characters of the pattern are %R, StdAutoAdmin will substitute the root directory of the run-time for the %R. The default root directory is:


For %A, StdAutoAdmin will substitute the name of the requesting application.

deployjardir Optional. The directory where deployed jars are stored. When an application is copied to the runtime, its jars are opened into the approotdir, but unopened versions of the jars are left in the deployjardir. (Default: %R/deploy.)
appjartimetolive Optional. The amount of time, in milliseconds, the run-time engine waits to check for a new version of the application after the client makes its initial request. (Default: 0.)
lockfilename Optional. Enter a file name for a file that you create to lock your application. If an application is locked in this way, the run-time engine will never check for a new version or over-install the locked version. The lock file needs no content, but must be in the approotdir. (Default: no locking.)
checkrtversion Optional. Whether to make sure the installed run-time engine is a version that can run the requested application. The minimum compatible run-time version is under "Specification version" in the jar manifest for the application. (Default: true.)
checkappversion Optional. Whether to check the application version of the deployed jar against the installed application version. The application versions are found under "Implementation version" in the jar manifests; the implementation version is incremented with each publish from Presentation Designer. (Default: true.)

MCSJarHttp Properties

Property Description
host Optional. The name of the MCS host. (Default: localhost.)
port Optional. The port number of the MCS host. (Default: 80.)
userid Optional. (Default: null — userid/password not used.)
password Optional. (Default: null — userid/password not used.)
cleartextpassword Optional. (Default: null — userid/password not used.)
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