Changing the MCS Server Information

When you install Presentation Builder Runtime Service, you must provide basic information about your MCS installation. After installing the run-time engine, if you need to change to a different MCS server, you can reinstall Presentation Builder Runtime Service, which ensures that your MCS password is encrypted, or you can edit the run-time configuration file. If you edit the run-time configuration file, the MCS password can be sent as clear text.

To change the MCS server information without reinstalling the runtime
  1. Stop HTTP Engine.

  2. With a text editor, open the following file:


  3. Scroll to the "ApplicationLoadingService" section.

  4. In the publishedjaropener property of the installer property, modify the MCS information as needed.

    For details about the properties of ApplicationLoadingService, see Runtime Services Property Descriptions.

    For details about the properties of MCSJarHttp (the publishedjaropener used by default), see Runtime Services Property Descriptions: StdAutoAdmin.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Re-start HTTP Engine.

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