Configuring Run-time Event Logging

Presentation Builder Runtime Service provides a logging service for logging events and errors. By default, this service is turned on, and messages are written to XML — you specify the destination of the file.

To configure run-time event logging
  1. Stop HTTP Engine.

  2. With a text editor, open the following file:


  3. Scroll to the "LoggingService" section, and then modify properties as needed.

    For details about the LoggingService properties, see Runtime Services Property Descriptions: LoggingService.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Re-start HTTP Engine.

To view the run-time log
  • Open the following file:


    - or -

    If you configured the LoggingService to send messages to MCS (by uncommenting the MCSHandler property), follow the procedure in Viewing MCS Events.

Presentation Builder Runtime Service Level Errors

Errors that happen outside the context of your custom application but within the context of Presentation Builder Runtime Service are considered Presentation Builder Runtime Service-level errors. They are fatal (the application will be terminated), and will be reported to the Presentation Renderer, or, in the case of HTML-based custom applications, to the browser, which displays a message to the end user in a message box.

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