Publishing Applications

Once you have finished your application, Presentation Designer provides you with publishing tools that place the elements for your application into a compressed Java archive (.jar) file, and then move that archive file from your system to the MCS server you designate.

After you have completed your application, and it is ready to be distributed to users, it must be included in a presentation. A presentation is an HTML document that is used to render your Presentation Designer application through a Web browser; it may also present a Terminal Viewer or any Web-compatible document. Your choice of application type will determine if it will be rendered directly in Java or as pure HTML. When your presentation has been created and published, the MCS administrator can assign users and activate it using Presentation Manager.

Note If you are unable to access MCS, check with your MCS administrator to make sure that Console Access Authentication is not set to Client Certificate Only. The Client Certificate Only setting is incompatible with Designer Studio components.

When you publish your application, depending on your Publish preference settings, you can choose to automatically create a presentation, or to create a custom presentation using Presentation Integrator.

Note Presentations created by Presentation Designer can be modified, if desired, using Presentation Integrator.
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