Getting Around in Presentation Designer

Once you've defined a project, you can access the Presentation Designer desktop. The desktop features three main components: the Project pane, the Editor pane, and the Properties pane.

Editor Pane

From the Editor pane, you can interact with the host, customize a form, and check the results, viewing the form as a user would at run-time. The Editor has three tabs: Interact, Customize, and Preview.

Project Pane

The Project pane displays a list of the forms that have been created within this project. Icons to the left of the form name indicate whether it is a screen-based form, and a lightning-bolt icon to the right of a form name indicates the current active form.

Note On the Interact page of the Editor pane, navigation through the host screens is limited by the host. On the Customize page, any host screen may be viewed by selecting it on the Project pane. Changing host screens on the Customize page does not affect an active host session. To continue host interaction, on the Customize page, select the current active form (identified by the lightning-bolt icon) on the Project pane before returning to the Interact page.

Properties Pane

When you select an item on the Customize tab in the Editor pane, either a form or a control, its properties are displayed in the Properties pane. The Properties pane shows the current settings and the properties that can be changed for the selected item.

Properties are named attributes of a control. They define control characteristics (such as size, color, screen location) or control behaviors (whether it is enabled, and so on). For many properties, you can change the settings by selecting the current value, then entering a new value. For others, when you double-click the corresponding value, a dialog box displays from which you can select or edit the settings.

For a control to function, it must be "bound" to a resource element. Bindings are created automatically when a host field is converted to a control. Bindings may be added to a new control, and existing bindings may be altered.

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